make a doll bed!

take a cardboard box then paint it any color of your choice! I chose pink now take two small boxes and cut them in half ( for canopy bed ) then take another small box and cut it as well now paint the color of the canopy poles I chose purple:) the use hot glue or regular glue and glue the 4 small box parts at the end of the bed folding them into a square now take a piece of fabric cut it to size so it can fit on top of the canopy bed you can glue it to the top but I prefer don't just leave it on top unless you wanna change the fabric then add some doll sized pillows and a doll sized cover then your ready for bed!  hope you like this craft!! do it the dolly way!

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Comment posted by smillyface101, 04/06/2016 at 8:54am (UTC):
hey just wanna say love your crafts and ideas!

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enjoy!! dollytimes